Renovation Notice

Dear Valued Guest

As part of our effort to upgrade the outlook of the Hotel, please be informed that the Hotel has schedule for an external painting work on the building facade and also window cleaning from the:

Date : 1st November 2016 - 31st March 2017
Time : 08:00 am - 07:00 pm

During the above mentioned period, there will be gondolas ferrying contract workers down to the affected areas. Please do not be duly alarmed should you see a gondola passing through your window in the morning. For more privacy, you may wish to draw up your night curtain. The swimming pool will also be closed until the 17th November 2017 during the painting work.

Please bear with us while the painting work and cleaning is being conducted. Thank you for your kind understanding over the matter.

Thank you.

The Management
Summit Hotel Subang USJ